The Institute’s work will combine the academic examination of the history of Shia thought and scholarly tradition that existed for 1400 years, as well as the current political, social, economic, and religious concern of Shia communities around the globe (estimates at 350 million people).
As a research institution, the ISS will prove itself as a great asset for the Washington community through its objective, first-rate analysis of current Shia issues.
Our Mission
The Institute of Shia Studies is formed for the following purposes:
  • Form a team of experts for study of the Islamic religion in the Shia school of thought, including research and development of new approaches to Shia thought.
  • Educate the public about Shia thought and teachings.
  • Collaborate with other institutions in the US and other regions to advance the field of Islamic Studies.
  • Produce policy analysis and critical studies, papers, and books on the contemporary Shia world.
  • Hold periodical and occasional conferences on Shia issue to provide a forum for scholars of Shia Studies to meet, collaborate, and interact.
  • Train a new generation of academics through our “Young Scholars Training Program” and the internship opportunities the Institute will offer to a selected group of young researchers.
  • Offer resident and non-resident fellowships to scholars of Shia Studies to conduct research in Washington and help publish their research.
  • Provide timely commentary on developing events in the Shia world through the Institute’s Blog and Newsletter.