“The Millennial Anniversary of Al-Sharif Al-Murtadha”
The year 2015 marked the millennial anniversary of Al-Sharif Al-Murtadha, the prominent Shia theologian, jurist, and Quran exegete. The Institute held its inaugural conference in Washington, DC, on 23 May 2015, where several leading academic scholars presented fresh research on Al-Murtadha’s role and contributions to Shia thought.
Papers presented at the conference will be:
- The Life and Times of Al-Sharif Al-Murtadha: A Historical Study of Baghdad the 11th Century A.D.
- The Theology of Al-Sharif Al-Murtada
- Al-Sharif Al-Murtadha’s School of Quranic Interpretation
- Al-Sharif Al-Murtadha’s linguistic and Literary Contributions.
The Conference will also include the inauguration ceremony of the Institute of Shia Studies, with the participation of scholars and other invited guests.


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