This project will be one of the highlights of the Institute’s work.  Every year, a group of bright university students and young researchers will be selected by a special committee to enroll in our “Young Scholars Training Program” in Washington, where they will receive graduate-level training in research methodology and workshops on various aspects of classical and contemporary Shia studies.  They will be made aware of political, economic, social, and theological issues and become familiar with various Shia communities around the world by the guidance of experts in each of these fields.
Participants will attend in pre-planned workshops and lectures, they will be asked to provide proposals including designed projects of study, and they will be instructed and mentored to produce publishable academic work as part of their successful participation in the program.  A special evaluation and certificate will be awarded to each participant in the program upon the successful participation and meeting program requirements.
This excellent quality program is the best training any young scholar can hope to have.  Therefore, the selection will be very careful and the competition is expected to be very strong to match the expectations and demands of the program.
Details on dates, deadlines, and requirements will be provided here soon.


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